Heal, Awaken & Ascend, With God’s Divine Love & Energy Within You!


Heart Greetings!

I humbly share that I am a divine vessel and I channel God’s unconditional love and divine energy and heal those whose journey leads them to my doorstep. However there is just one golden rule for it, I will start sending the divine healing but the effectiveness of the healing will depend on the healee’s desire at the sub-conscious level to be open, accept and truly believe in the divine love and healing being sent to them because if they are not receptive divine healing will not work. This is the only golden rule.
God Bless You Always!
With Lots Of Love From Me And Light To You,

Yours humbly,Shiromi

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What I do?


Private Healing

Private, in-person sessions are an opportunity to discuss your situation with me in greater detail. Read more..

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Distant Healing

Distant healing is as powerful as if you were in my healing space, but it requires clients to have a higher level of faith. Read more..

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Group Healing

Group Healing is ideal for groups 3 persons or more, sessions can be arrange at your home or a local community center for larger groups. Read more..

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Pet Healing

Animals respond very well and quickly to energy healing.  I utilize my healing gift with animals in the same way I do with people. Read more..

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