What is Divine Energy Healing?

Healing is one of the most wonderful activities that can be undertaken by any person. To provide channeled healing energy, a caring attitude and a listening ear to any person suffering in body, mind or spirit is pure dedication to humanity.

The ultimate Source of Divine Healing Energy is God who is the Source of all Life. The Divine Healing Energy passes from God through Higher Divine Beings known as the Archangels Of Light and the Ascended Masters who work with me in channeling the Divine Healing Energy to the healee’s etheric, mental, emotional, and physical body.

Can everyone be healed?

Why is it that some get healed completely and some do not? Some say because it is not that person’s karma to be healed. Maybe they consciously think that they want to get well, and they limit themselves by thinking it’s not possible. It may also require several visits and some work on their part with changes to their lifestyle and way of thinking for a healing to take place, so one healing session may not be enough. Divine Healing Energy is very powerful but it is also very subtle.

For rapid healing to occur, the healee has to be very receptive. If the healee is not so receptive, then healing will be slow. If the healee is not receptive at all, then he or she will not be healed. However, many people do receive miraculous healings and are returned to health. With some, the healing is instantaneous and requires only the one session while others need a few sessions in order for the healing process to begin.

Who is this session for?

All ages, all religions, all colors, all genders are welcome to receive. The very young can be challenged by the nature of being quiet for a long period of time. For some of those that are too weak or challenged to come in person, we will keep them in our hearts and prayers as the session unfolds.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings have been witnessed and received in these sessions. The nature of this work does not carry any dogma, belief system or any specific practice.


What to expect?

Divine energy healing is very powerful. Throughout the healing I focus on finding the answers to your health from within, honoring your bodies wisdom. The healings remove the blocks, delve for core answers, and combine talk therapy. After this is complete I step back and view the whole aura to fill it with divine white light, strengthen the field, and ensure there are no holes in the auric field. The healing session directs this powerful divine light energy to target any issue that may be bothering you, emotionally, physically, or mentally, sometimes sustained pressure is applied to target muscle fibers, fascia, internal organs,bones or other areas that are needing the energy. I follow the divine guidance and honor your bodies wisdom for the healing.

How much is the session?

By its nature this work is unconditional and I am a channel for God’s Divine Energy. I am ever in appreciation and deep gratitude for my gift of healing and hence there is a very reasonable energy exchange which is determined on case to case basis please.

How do I contact you?

You can fill up the Request A Healing form and I will reply back to you. Make sure your email and contact number is correct. I have a regular job, and I usually reply within 24 hours. Once we establish contact I will guide you through the process. In my email I will send you a link to schedule a session with me for in-person or distant healing.