What I Do

Private Healing

Private, in-person sessions are an opportunity to discuss your situation with me in greater detail. Sessions can be conducted during my visits to areas where group sessions are being held or in my healing space.

My hands will hover over you until I place them somewhere on your body. I will probably hold your hand, rest a hand on your shoulder, forehead or side of your face. Please tell me at the start of the session if you feel uncomfortable with physical contact.

I allow up to sixty minutes for treatments, but the timing is flexible. Sometimes I have finished in thirty minutes, and sometimes I need more time.

Sometimes I talk a lot or say very little. Everything I say during a healing I am guided to. It will be personal and may be confronting. I intuit information that clients have never spoken about and when I don’t, clients tell me. During healings, a union is formed between your soul and mine.

It’s possible you will feel a gamut of emotions and feelings during the healing, peace, calm, joy, love, ecstasy, grief, anger, fear, depression, etc. Everyone has a unique experience, and I cannot predict what emotions will surface. The final feeling will be positive: calm, love, bliss, peace, etc.

You may feel a variety of sensations: warmth, cold, involuntary movements, spasms, loss of feeling, a sense of floating, falling, flying, out of body, a deep sleep state, discomfort, pain, fatigue etc.

I cannot predict what will happen, but I’m always surprised.

I am not clinically trained, please understand that I have no medical training and I am not a healthcare professional and no part of this website is to be regarded as medical advice.

It is beneficial to have follow up sessions, but that’s a decision you should make. I have been successful many times with a single healing, but often healing occurs in stages. If you have a chronic illness I would like to see you two to four times in succession. Follow up sessions can be done via distant healing.

I respect that if you had no noticeable health response from the first session, you will be reluctant to book again, but I have been doing healings for almost a decade now and have witnessed the benefits of multiple sessions.

Can I help you? I am not sure, but let’s find out. This isn’t entirely correct, but honesty is important to me, and I am not in the business of misleading people. I believe I can help everybody, but the final outcome is unpredictable. You may have come to see me to fix a sore back, and leave with improved eyesight and a happy heart.

As a healer my role in the healing process is that of facilitator. I believe my role is important but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The vibration/frequency for healing is present in all of us.

If you have an illness and are unable to attend an individual, distance or group healing session, you can receive healing by sending me a personalized photograph. The healing will work in the exact same way as if you were in my space at my practice.

You will need a full body photograph that has nobody else in the background. Please state any illness or discomfort you have and what, if any medical treatment you are undergoing or have undergone in the past.

Everyone has a certain vibration that is reflected in their photograph; the reflection stays embodied in the photo taken forming a connection from them to me. This allows the healing to be given without the need of actually physically seeing you.

With your consent I will concentrate on the photograph sent to me, using my eyes and hands.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that I receive full consent for all the people I deal with, especially from parents who have young children or disabled family members who can’t give me their authorization themselves. Feed back on how your photo healing is working and how you are feeling is very important.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is as powerful as if you were in my healing space, but it requires clients to have a higher level of faith. In some instances, distant healing is more effective than in-person. The healing vibration is not limited by distance. Everyone has a unique experience, and it’s possible to feel the same sensations that you would have in my healing space.

When I respond to your distant healing request, email me back and tell me what I will be healing. I prefer to video chat at the start of the session, but if we don’t I will ask you to email or text a recent photo of yourself.

At the time of the healing, lie down and relax. I prefer that you lie on your back, but any position that’s comfortable is fine. The session will go for an hour, but you can rest and relax for as long as you like.

Group Healing

Group Healing is ideal for groups 3 persons or more, sessions can be arrange at your home or a local community center for larger groups.

I will start the session by cleaning the room from other energies and then fill the room with God’s divine healing energy; this energy will be received by every person in room.

When participating in group healing, you should be relaxed and open yourself (consciousness of the mind) to receive the divine energy.

During the healing, it is possible that you feel warm, cold, see colors, see light flashes, and smell perfume or emotions can come out. It is not important that you feel or notice anything. The healing process can be instant or through time, so during the follows days you may notice changes in your body.

Pet Healing

Animals respond very well and quickly to energy healing. I utilize my healing gift with animals in the same way I do with people. While I can often feel the cause of the problem and clear it but please note carefully that I am not a substitute for a Vet. In some instances, I have recommended animals be taken immediately to a Vet, which has saved lives. Normally, people contact me because their dogs, cats and horses aren’t well, or have a specific condition.

Energy Healing is ideal for your pet because it is very gentle, soothing, and non-invasive. It can be offered in-person with animal or at-a-distance. Animals respond intuitively to energy healing. It creates a space where animals can heal themselves emotionally, behaviorally, physically and energetically. Animals will always take what they need the most when the healing energy is offered.